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Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement Los Angeles, CA

Are you thinking of replacing your AC and installing a new one?

We are here to help you! ATC is the leading Residential and Commercial HVAC Contractor providing HVAC services, including Air Conditioning Installation in Los Angeles and Air Conditioning Replacement in Los Angeles, for quite a long time and replacing/Installing any AC System.

If you are replacing your AC and installing a new one, then choose the suitable AC System with proper AC installation that will guarantee optimum productivity and performance. Our professional team will provide you with quality services 24/7, and we have expertise in AC installation and replacement of almost any type of AC System.

Contact Us! We are just one call away, providing you the best services in AC installation Los Angeles and AC replacement Los Angeles.

Heating and Air Conditioning Units We Replace / Install

1. Split Systems

Split systems are composed of internal and external parts. The outer part contains the condenser, the blower, and the extension value and sets outside the house. The inner part has the evaporator loop and the cooling fan and can be set anywhere in the house.

2. Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are focal elements of any AC System. The heat pump comprises two units; the indoor unit called the air handler and the outdoor unit or the heat pump. If you are replacing a damaged heat pump and installing a new one, we are here to help you, we also offer Heat Pumps AC Installations in Los Angeles and Heat pumps AC replacement in Los Angeles.

3. Package Units

Package Units are intended for spaces such as small houses, function halls, and motels. Package Units include all the parts: the unit’s fillers in one casing and the cooling curls. A variety of this design is one where the condenser and compressor are in one packaging while cooling curls and extension valves are in different packages situated in the space to be warmed or cooled.

4. Mini Split Ductless

Mini Split is Ductless systems that resemble central systems; however, they are smaller in size and appropriate for the Only a couple of rooms cooling. They consist of an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor. The two elements are connected by a tube containing the refrigerant tube, power cable, condensate drain, and suction. These are very energy – efficient as you can have Various handlers associated with one outdoor unit, and you can condition each area according to your need.

5. Commercial Air Conditioner Set Up

These are designed in a way that they can condition large spaces such as Commercial stores, offices, factories, and theatres and also called central systems. It is more costly to install but the most energy-efficient way of cooling the large spaces. These are also called central systems and comprise one central compressor to cool large rooms or Spaces.

Why Choose Us for Your New Air Conditioner Installation in Los Angeles?

With a year of experienced and certified professionals, you can trust us for providing the best Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning installation and replacement service in Los Angeles.

Let ATC Heating and Air Conditioning reduce your cooling and heating costs and choose the right conditioners in Los Angeles. Our Google reviews are your assurance that we will give the best Air Conditioning service in Los Angeles. If you want to replace an AC and want to install a new one, we can provide you a FREE ESTIMATE of the system’s total cost, installation, and all accessories.

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Hassle-Free Los Angeles AC Installation

If you are thinking of upgrading your home with a better Air Conditioning system. Then, Contact ATC Heating and Air Conditioning for the best Air Conditioning Service in Los Angeles, including Air Conditioning Installation Los Angeles and Air Conditioning Replacement Los Angeles. We provide trusted 24/7 Service; you can call us anytime, we are there to provide any HVAC service you want. Reach out to us for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is essential to hire professional and certified technicians for your Air Conditioning installation in Los Angeles. A quality air conditioning installation will help you function properly, energy-saving, reduce cooling cost, and improve efficiency, system life, and Comfort levels. The higher quality installation services you get, the better your AC System will perform.
A well maintained AC System can run efficiently for up to 12-13 years. If you an older AC System much before 12 years that has required many repairs, it is best to replace it and upgrade to a new system. ATC Heating and Air Conditioning provide the Quality HVAC services, including AC installation in Los Angeles and AC replacement in Los Angeles.
Old AC Systems want to repair frequently and still running inefficiently, which increases costs every year. Replace it before it completely breaks down and costs you more than required, and leaves you without cooling when you need it the most. It’s better to upgrade to a new AC System that will save your money in the long run.
If you notice the following signs with your AC system, then it’s to replace it and install a new one
  1. Keep the AC temperature above 70 degrees.
  2. Proper maintenance of a system, so the coolant level does not get too low.
  3. Change Air filters once a month.
Air Consider lasts up to 12 years. If your cooling system is above ten years, it’s better to replace and switch to a more efficient unit. ATC Heating and Air Conditioning provide the best service in AC installation in Los Angeles and AC replacement in Los Angeles.