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ATC Heating and Air Conditioning is the Best HVAC Contractor in Los Angeles as the quality of service are superior and relatively cheaper than the market conditions. Our professional team takes care of all types of heating and air conditioning machinery in and around Los Angeles. Get them installed, repair faulty AC and heating machinery, get the servicing done right at your home, and maintain this machinery to perform at its peak.

ATC Heating and Air conditioning is the best HVAC Company in Los Angeles and has a wide range of services to offer. They provide all kinds of services like repairing, replacing, and maintaining home machinery like AC, heaters, furnaces, and thermostats. They also use state of the art technology to install, repair, and maintain ductless heating solutions.

There are many reasons why they should be hired by people living in and around Los Angeles. The first reason is its pricing. It is attractive and low. A person is sure to find better services here than any other air conditioning contractor in Los Angeles. They have a group of professionals fully dedicated to complete their duties on time and provide quality service to clients. Their previous clients have expressed their satisfaction with the services. The company stands intact on its promise of delivering 100% satisfaction. Get premium quality air conditioner Los Angeles service at low prices.


Our Services

AC Installation and Replacement

Get the best air conditioner installation and replacement professionals at your service. Fit a new AC in place of your old AC at a fair price.


AC Repair and Maintenance

Get your old air conditioner back to work with the best AC repairing Service. Make it quick, and by paying a fair price.

HVAC Service Los Angeles

Heating Repair and Installation

Increase your Heater life with proper maintenance and repair at a low price. You can also have it replaced quickly and Install a new one.

HVAC Service Los Angeles

Furnace Repair and Installation

Make your old furnace tremendous and work with the help of our professionals. By replacing an old furnace, get a desirable furnace installed at a low price.

HVAC service Los Angeles

Air ducting repair and maintenance

Repair and maintain the air ducts and vents at a low price. Get them to repair with the help of professional HVAC Contractor Los Angeles.


We proudly install, repair, and service the following brands:

Residential and Commercial

HVAC Contractors Los Angeles

We are a trustable HVAC Contractor in Los Angeles, providing HVAC services to commercial and residential clients. Our Residential and Commercial HVAC Service Professional specializes in Cooling and Air Conditioning Services, Heating Services, and Air Ducting Repair and Maintenance Services. As an HVAC Company in Los Angeles, we have expertise in Installation, repair, and maintenance of every significant brand and model.

ATC is the most critically acclaimed HVAC contractor in Los Angeles, as we ensure to provide you high-quality HVAC Services by focusing on Customer satisfaction and trust. Our experience and satisfied customers in Los Angeles is your confirmation that we will provide the best HVAC services. You can count us as the best Los Angeles HVAC Company. Call us now, and we will offer you the best HVAC Service in Los Angeles.

Why Choose ATC Heating and Air Conditioning as a Los Angeles HVAC Contractor?


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Each person I dealt with was amazing! I especially liked the fact they provided a detailed easy to read estimate and was available for additional questions before I purchased the product, and afterward as well. The installers were prompt, courteous, and cleaned up so nicely after the Installation. I am very happy with the new mini split unit in my bedroom. Also they did maintenance my living room unit for no cost. I really appreciated the extra effort they made after a long hot day! You errand customer forever 🙂
Thank you!

Michy Roth

I would like to say thank you to ATC Heating and Air Conditioning for their excellent customer services. They came quickly to our office and repaired our heater. The technician was so diligent and fast! We had our heat back on quickly. He even went up on our roof a few times to make sure everything was working properly. Thank you ATC Heating & Air Conditioning! We appreciate you and will call you again!

Beckey Backer

What a great company! Fast and friendly service, very reasonable prices, and quality products. I am very happy with my AC mini split unit. My room is so much more comfortable now. Thank you ATC Heating & Air Conditioning! 5 stars on everything!!

Sharon Walker

I did a great same day maintenance and cleaning to my a/c and ducts its work perfectly now I can really feel the difference. Two another companies told me that there is nothing to fix and I need to replace my unit. Leo with ATC did it right work for around two ours but I am very happy with the results ! Thanks

Jill Bedford

They got my air conditioning up and running during the last heatwave. My place was so hot. Me and my kids couldn’t sleep, even with air conditioners in windows. They took really good care of us. We got new Goodman unit. The price was affordable. Job done PERFECT. Thank you. You have a loyal customer

Shifra Webber

Professional and Friendly

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Searching for an HVAC Service in Los Angeles and tired of being talked over by contractors? We are an experienced and Professional HVAC Contractor in Los Angeles providing the best HVAC Services. When you work with ATC, you can have confidence that your needs will be met and that the entirety of your inquiries and concerns will be addressed and resolved. Take advantage of our HVAC Specialists to solve your issues and ensure you recognize what you’re paying for and why.

Call the best HVAC Company Los Angeles locals have recommended. You can arrive at our office or call us on (866) 514-4669 or Plan an appointment by clicking the button below. We are here for you 24/7.

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